The Ideal Patient for Barricaid®

The effect of anular defect size on patient selection

The Barricaid® is intended to be used as an adjunct to a lumbar limited discectomy to close the posterior anular defect identified at the time of surgery. For detailed information on specific indications and contra indications, please refer to the approved Instructions For Use.


The Barricaid® is indicated for a subset of discectomy patients. Generally, patients who are at greater risk of recurrent herniation, and those with preserved pre-operative disc height, stand to benefit most from the Barricaid®.

The importance of disc height in patient selection

Ideal patient selection summary

Two-step patient screening

  • Pre-operatively, disc height measures equal or > 5mm
  • Pre-operatively, exclude patients with:
    • Collapsed discs, osteoporosis, spinal tumors, or other obvious contra- indications
    • Less than 3mm posterior bony disc height
  • Intra-operatively: anular defect size measures between 4-6mm in height & 6-12mm in width 

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